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I’m Still Alive!

Posted by birdboy101 on August 23, 2009

Hi CP fans!

Yes, I’m still alive, but I lost interest in Club Penguin throughout the days. I’m getting older, I’m getting busier, so I’ve quit playing this game, after 1,000’s of days making friends and having fun. I may visit CP once in a while, I still talk to few people I’ve met, but I will no longer post on this website. I just remembered about my site today, took a little trip down Memory Lane, looking at all the work I put into this. Thank you to all people who gave me positive feedback, people who’ve helped with my site, or others that even became good friends with me. I want to wish you all a great day, and have a fun time playing Club Penguin!


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January 2009 Sports Catalog Secrets

Posted by birdboy101 on February 1, 2009

Here is the one and only hidden item in the January 2009 Sports Catalog:

Simply click the rock Climbing Wall…

climbing-wallAnd you will find these “flashy” climbing clothes!

climbing-wall-2Also, you know all that snow stored up in the Attic? It’s no longer for February, it’s been delayed for March! Take a look:

signAnyways, I’m rootin’ for the Steelers! Peace out!

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Sport Catalog Peek, PBL, Member Badges

Posted by birdboy101 on January 29, 2009

Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while, I’ve been having the flu since last Friday so now I can post again!

Remember you found a new shiny badge on your player card? Well, other member have it too, and now you can see it!

Check this out:


The new Paint by Letters book called Lime Green Dojo Clean has been delayed due to some bugs. Don’t worry book fanatics, Club Penguin is working on it!

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New Log-In Screens!

Posted by birdboy101 on January 19, 2009

Club Penguin is advertising their memberships by adding variaties of log-in screens, showing what you can do as a member! Here are a few of them:


You also get this cool member badge on your player card!


Also don’t forget members, the member party ends Tuesday, which is tomorrow!

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Dance Contest Cheat

Posted by birdboy101 on January 19, 2009

(Members Only)


I actually found this a while ago but I never had time to post. Well, follow these steps and you’ll be rich in no time!

Go to the Nightclub and click on the Dance Contest table. When your very close to getting there, click the house button on the chat bar. You will immediately go to your igloo. The window will pop up, asking you if you want to dance, so choose yes. Dance to whatever song you’d like to, and you can choose any level you’d like. Once your done with the dance, keep clicking X button in the right corner. Every time you do that, it will add the number of coins you got on the dance. For example, I got 76 coins on the dance. I click the X, it will add another 76. I click the X again, another 76 and on and on and on. Some people have gotten over 1 million coins using this cheat! MAKE SURE YOU LOG OFF TO INSURE YOUR COINS WILL NOT VANISH THE NEXT TIME YOU LOG ON!!

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Jan-Feb 09′ Furniture Catalog Cheats

Posted by birdboy101 on January 17, 2009

Here are all the hints,cheats, and secrets for the January to February 2009 Furniture Catalog!

Check it out:

Click the Terracotta Sun to get the Superhero Stage Poster. jan-feb-09-trcta-sun

Click the Velvet Rope to get the Welcome Mat.

velvet-ropeWow…okay that’s it? Sorry guys no more here! Enjoy decorating your igloo with some fiesta spirit!

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Member Dance Event!

Posted by birdboy101 on January 16, 2009

Remember this only happens until  January 18 so don’t miss your chance!

The pin is at the Snow Forts… I don’t know why it’ a taco…


Anyways, I am so thrilled at the sight of the member party! Check it out at the Nightclub! There you can get a free boom box and breakdance:

member-party-jan-09-dance-21You can also play at the Dancing Contest! There it’s a game of DDR, like the ones you see at the arcades!


You can join it at the first floor of the Nightclub:

OH MY GOODNESS IT’S A ROOFTOP. Yeah I know, isn’t this sweet?

(Ps, the dude in the joker hat is Dmrt. We call him Dirt and he’s an awesome buddy.)


Also check out the completely new Dance Lounge!


Red- Stand next to play the instrument!

Green: Click it!


Hope you all have fun! Don’t forget the Dancing Contest can be played against other penguins too!


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New Play!

Posted by birdboy101 on January 9, 2009

Watch out fellow citizens of Club Penguin. Squidzoid is back and more powerful than ever! But don’t worry because our favorite heroes are back: Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal!


Also check out this freaky robot:


Here are some upcoming events:


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Member Party Sneak Peek!

Posted by birdboy101 on January 6, 2009

(Click the picture to go to the Cp post about the member party.)

Check it out penguins! For all of those members out there, Club Penguin sure has a treat for you! A member party will be held on January 15-18. Billybob said the clothing catalog will come in handy…Maybe it’s a member disco party? Here, take a look at the sneak peek!

Cool, huh? I think that’s a music note on the left…Well I can’t wait! And if your not a member, don’t worry because I will post pictures of the party for all of you to see what your going to miss out on! All member penguins, get ready to party on January 15-18!

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January 2009 Catalog Secrets

Posted by birdboy101 on January 2, 2009

Gingerbread pin located in Ski Attic.


Here is are the January 2009 Clothing Catalog Secrets!

Once again, some rare items are for sale…

Anyways, here they are!

Click the paint bucket full of red paint to get the Spikester for 500 coins.


Click the circle next to the penguin dancing to get the Spikette. (3rd page)


Click the Mexican vase to get the Fruit Headdress for 350 coins. (5th page)


Click the white and orange striped present to get the Yellow Scarf for 150 coins. (7th page)


Click the top of the mountain to get the Russian Hat for 600 coins. (9th page)


Click the top of the tree to get the Viking Helmets. Sorry, no Gold Viking Helmet here! (11th page)


Click the snowman’s hat (The tall snowman) to get the Pink Pom Pom for 200 coins. (14th page)


Click the snowflake above the girl’s mitten to get the Red Hoodie for 400 coins. (18th page)


Check out the 2 new backgrounds and the Coffee Apron!


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Happy New Year!

Posted by birdboy101 on January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 everybody! I can’t wait for what’s coming up this year. Comment below if you have any new year resolutions. Also share what you did for New Year’s! I went to a party and there was a lot of drunk people…Anyways, I hope you guys have a great start to a year 2009!

There’s a new coloring page that just came out. Wanna see it? Click the picture!

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Waddle Squad Mission 10 Walkthrough

Posted by birdboy101 on December 30, 2008

Here is a tutorial/walk through to mission 10, Waddle Squad.

1. The conversation will be long, just make sure you click G first and you can answer anything you’d like.

2. Once the other agents leave, click the box next to G. Something should come out, so put it in your inventory.

3. Go to the Beach and turn to your left until you see Jet Pack Guy. Answer anything.

4. Listen to him and answer anything.

5. Go to the Lighthouse. Turn to your right and click one of the cream soda barrels. Put it in your inventory.

6. Go back to the Beach and talk to Jet Pack Guy.

7. Give him the cream soda.

8. Click the bottle that says help. The numbers on the beaker show how much is in it. On the paper that comes out, you must even out the liquid until the numbers on the beaker match the numbers on the paper. By doing so, click a beaker and put it in front of  another beaker and then click again so the liquid is poured. Here is a walkthrough to pass this part. Here’s a review of the numbers:









Here’s what you do:

Pour biggest beaker into the middle beaker. Then take the middle beaker and pour it into the left beaker. Pour the smallest beaker into the big beaker. Pour middle beaker into the smallest beaker. Pour the biggest beaker into the middle beaker. Pour the middle beaker into the smallest beaker. Pour the smallest beaker into the biggest beaker.

9. Go to the Dock and talk to the penguin by the boat. Ask for his rope and put it in your inventory.

10. Go to the Nightclub and turn to your right until you see a cage and a box with a lever. Put the rope on the brown pulley. Click the lever (It should be broken).

11. Get your spy phone and get out the wrench. Click the screws and they should come off automatically.

12. Click on the opening.

13. Click the gears and place them onto the hooks. They must be in the right spot or they won’t spin.

14. Go to the Gift Shop.


*. Talk to the guy at the desk and answer anything.

*. Click the items scattered on the floor and put them in your inventory.

*. Go outside to the the town.

*. Put the box of balls on the ground.

*. Set up the table.

*. Put the clothes on top of the table.

*. Go back into the Gift Shop and talk to the manager.

15. Talk to Rookie and ask if he plugged it in. Don’t go to the HQ, I already got the item you need in your inventory from the beginning. Click the gray box that has a blue screen on it. (That’s the solar power unit.) Put it over the broken wire and click.

16. The goal is to make a path from one colored circle to the other one, and they can’t cross. Here is what mine had to look like:


In case you don’t understand, you can pull out the paper that’s next to the grid. Also make sure you start from the bottom circles, which are fully colored. Then work your way up to the other colored circles.

17. Go to a different place and answer your Spy Phone.

18. Go to the Dock and turn to your right until you see ‘Herbert’.

19. Answer your Spy Phone again and go to the Nightclub.

20. Turn to your right until you see Herbert next to the golden puffle. Click on him and wait until he’s done talking and he’s taken the golden puffle.

21. Pull the red lever.

22. Answer your Spy Phone.

23. Once the golden puffle is stuck on the wall and Herbert is trying to grab it off, click on the spotlights and turn them until they are facing the solar panel unit.

24. Answer anything and watch the conversation.




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New Igloo Catalog

Posted by birdboy101 on December 29, 2008

Heads up! When the mission comes out at 12:00, a walk-through will be posted as soon as possible!

There are two igloo releases, and one is new but it’s hidden! It’s not made of ice. It’s not made of snow. It’s made of candy and gingerbread cookies! Here’s how to get it.

Click all the words that say “candy”. They’re all on the same page, by the way.

candy-gngrbrd-08Here’s what it looks like!

gngrbred-08Don’t forget the Snow Globe!


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My Apologies

Posted by birdboy101 on December 26, 2008

Sorry for those who see most of my pictures getting cut off because they’re too big to fit into the space. Some of you don’t see them cut off (Like me) because your screen is either big or a widescreen. Some of you just have square shaped screens and the pictures are too big. Sorry for that, so from now on I’m changing the style of my posts. Like I said, if you’ve been tracking my posts and you come on almost everyday, I said my website is under construction. Thanks for all your support and I will fix this problem immediately.

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Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Posted by birdboy101 on December 25, 2008

(Copy of a Club Penguin post)

Hello Penguins!

Wow! For the second year in a row, Coins For Change has been a huge success, and you guys donated millions of coins! Tomorrow’s Club Penguin Times will have the final results for how  the $1 million  will be split between the charities – the whole team is proud of how generous Club Penguin penguins are. We hope you’re proud, too.

We really want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah! Let us know how your Club Penguin Christmas is.

Until then…Waddle on.

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 24 2008 09:15

(End of Club Penguin post)

Also check out the new comic!

Click the picture!

New mission December 29.


Here are the results for the Coins for Change!


Rockhopper has  left us a goodbye letter to all penguins:


My Christmas was pretty fun! I got $301 dollars, an RC helicopter, The Moment of Truth game, and some cool shirts! Me and my family also went to a party on Christmas Eve, but that’s not all. Who’s ready for 2009?

Now, how was your Christmas? Comment at the bottom of this post!

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A Little Heads Up

Posted by birdboy101 on December 21, 2008

Some of you (Mainly my friends) are wondering why you never see me on Club Penguin. But actually I go on almost everyday! If you want to find me, my main server is Ice Cold. Almost all my friends get on that server, so that’s where I mainly go. Sometimes I go on Frozen, but that’s probably…like a 5% chance. I should be on at 11 o’clock to 7 o’clock PM Penguin Standard Time (I’m on winter break so I have a lot of time). And sometimes I might pull it off and log on at 3:00 AM PST (That’s 1:00 AM over here). So, hopefully that should answer some of your questions!

M   E  R  R  Y    C  H  R  I  S  T  M  A  S    A  N  D    A    H  A  P  P  Y     N  E  W    Y  E  A  R!

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Christmas Party!

Posted by birdboy101 on December 19, 2008

First of all here are the places of the items:

Go to the Ski Lodge for the Present Pin.


Go to the Ski Village for the Santa Beard.

beard-dec-081Go to the Snow Forts for the Santa Hat.


Go to the Book Room to enjoy 3 new Christmas books!


Also the Ice Rink is finally back!


Also for a heads up, ALL the rooms are decorated besides the Sports Shop, the Lodge Attic, and the Gift Shop. My favorite part is the Dance Lounge! The whole room is a toy making room, so elves, Get Ready!



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UK Toys & Christmas Party Update!

Posted by birdboy101 on December 16, 2008

(Copy of a Club Penguin post)

Hello Penguins!

A lot of you wrote that you’re excited about the new Club Penguin toys coming to the UK! And I’ve just heard an update – they’ve arrived at the following Disney Stores:

Oxford St., Bluewater, Manchester Arndale, Liverpool 1, Belfast, Metro, Cardiff, White City, Bull Ring (Birmingham), Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Chester, Trafford, Meadowhall, Cribbs, Leeds (White Rose), Glasgow.

In Other News: Lots of you have commented on the boxes that are around Club Penguin – The Christmas Party starts this Friday and the team’s busy getting everything ready!

We’d love to know how you and your penguin friends are preparing for the holiday festivities!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 16 2008 02:00

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New Mission Soon and Happy77!

Posted by birdboy101 on December 15, 2008

Looks like Club Penguin is getting ready for the Christmas party coming up soon! There’s a box of snow and ornaments laying on the ground in the Town:

snow-boxAlso check out this Club Penguin post! Happy77 finally blogs! I don’t even remember one post from her and I’m  over 930 days old! Here she blogs about a new upcoming mission:

(Copy of a Club Penguin post)

Hello Penguins! Happy77 here.

I’m so stoked to say hi. Some of you might remember me from way back at the beginning of Club Penguin. Since Billybob announced I’d be writing blogs I know some of you have asked about me. Among other stuff, I do some writing for Club Penguin, love to play Mancala, and I’ve been told I’m a bit curious…

Lots of you say you want to know behind the scenes stuff at Club Penguin. So, along with some game updates, I’ll sometimes be asking questions of the people around here. There’s a new mission coming up soon, and I found out that soon Screenhog will be giving you a great sneak peek. But since we’re all curious about missions, I talked to an artist who works on them:

What was your absolute favorite thing about working on the upcoming mission?
“All of it. Doing the storyboards are difficult, but the most fun.”

What’s your favorite candy?
“Hmmm. There’s this candy that’s kind of like ‘breath perfume’ that I like.”

I want to know all the stuff you’re curious about around Club Penguin, so please let me know! (And tell us if you have any fab ideas for new missions!)

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77 on December 15 2008 09:38

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Coins for Change, New Play, Catalog, Rockhopper and Website Poll

Posted by birdboy101 on December 12, 2008


Everybody, please note that my website is actually not complete yet. It’s still under construction, as I’m working on new pages and such. I’m wanting to know what you all think of my website so far, so I have placed a few polls. I have put the same three answers in each one. They are the lowest popularity (Me)  the medium popularity (Andreasmich), and  the one with major popularity (Clubpenguinbc). I want to compare myself to other big websites, and see how I’m doing so far and if I got a good start. PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE ME BECAUSE I’M YOUR FRIEND, OR I HAVE BEEN NICE TO YOU BEFORE. PLEASE BE HONEST IN WHICH YOU THINK WHAT WEBSITE IS THE BEST IN EACH CATAGORY.

Coins for change is back again. You can donate to kids who are poor and cannot go to school, kids who are sick, and kids without parents or who are hurt by war. Please help these kids in need. Your lucky enough to even have a computer, a house to live in, and enough money to have a living. Please help, please donate and give your coins to help these kids in need. My goal  is to earn, (Not hack) and give away at least 4,000 coins. They’re desperate and dying. Donate.

coins-for-change-08You donate your coins by going to the Beach, the Plaza, or in Rockhopper’s Headquarters. You need the key to get in the Headquarters. Here’s how:

Rockhopper’s Key: Go to the Book Room, which is the second floor of the Coffee Shop. Click the book in the bottom left hand corner. Go to Rockhopper’s Journal. Then, skip to the end of the book and the key should be there!



Check out the new play! I’s the second time they’ve shown the Quest for the Golden Puffle:


Also there’s a secret in the play catalog! Click the golden puffle to get the Crook and Flail:


Also here are the catalog secrets!

Click the little red seeds on the mistletoe to get the Leaning tree for 250 coins.

leaning-tree-dec-08Click the Velvet Rope to get the Welcome Mat for 75 coins.

velvet-rope welcome-mat-dec-081

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Christmas Spirit in Club Penguin!

Posted by birdboy101 on December 11, 2008

(Copy of a Club Penguin post)

Hello Penguins!

A lot of you wrote to say you’re really excited about the upcoming Christmas Party that’ll be in Club Penguin from Dec. 19 – 29 – That’s cool! Thanks for all your comments. But you don’t have to wait until then to get into the Christmas spirit. There’s a lot happening on Friday:

  • Coins For Change!
  • Rockhopper’s Arrival
  • The adventure play “Quest for The Golden Puffle” at the Stage
  • A new Better Igloos catalog (To help with all your Christmas decorating)

Let us know what you think you’ll do first when you log in on Friday!

In Other News: For those of you in the UK, the team’s been working hard on something – I can’t say more right now, but check Saturday’s blog for some exciting information!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 10 2008 11:03


Hmm… I bet Club Penguin is working on getting the toys over to UK!

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Christmas Party Sneak Peek!

Posted by birdboy101 on December 8, 2008

(Copy of a Club Penguin post)

Hello Penguins,

There are always really exciting things going on during the holiday season in Club Penguin, and the team’s been busy preparing for the big Christmas Party that’s starting December 19! Rockhopper and Coins For Change will arrive, there will be new books to read, an igloo decorating contest, and some cool surprises! I got this sneak peek from the art team:

width=”489″ height=”363″ />

Do you remember past Christmas Parties in Club Penguin? What was your favorite thing? Is this your first Christmas Party? There are so many ways to celebrate the holiday season, and we’d love for you to let us know what you’re looking forward to!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 08 2008 10:29
That’s some crazy decorating!

Well, here’s my thought:

After so many catalogs, Club Penguin has slowly been giving away rare items, so maybe Club Penguin will give the Santa Hat again!  Well anyways,

M      E      R      R      Y            C      H      R      I      S      T      M      A      S!

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December 08′ Catalog Secrets/Treasure Book

Posted by birdboy101 on December 5, 2008

treasure-book-christmas-08(SCROLL DOWN FOR CATALOG SECRETS). Here are the new items for the treasure book!

Also the awesome new December 2008 clothing  catalog (With RARE ITEMS) and a new background was released! Check out these secrets:


Click the bottom four lights to get the Yellow Scarf for 150 coins.

russian-hat-08Click the top of the tree to get the Russian Hat for 600 coins.


Click the red penguin’s face to get the Viking Helmets.

Red- Click once.

Blue- Open and close 4 times.


Click the bow in her hair for the Pink Pom Pom Toque for 200 coins.


Click the Lighthouse to get the Red Hoodie for 400 coins.


Click the pink flipper to get the Black Superhero Mask for 100 coins.

scuba-mask-dec-08Click the coin icon to get the Black Scuba Mask for 200 coins.




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Darn Widget…

Posted by birdboy101 on December 3, 2008

Sorry about the Whos.Among.Us widget ( The one that shows how many are on). There has been a problem and it reset! If you click the widget, it will show the map, but all the the locations of the past viewers are gone!

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Treasure Book and Mission Sneak Peek

Posted by birdboy101 on December 2, 2008

(Copy of 2 Club Penguin posts)

Hello Penguins,

I wanted to give you a quick update on the Treasure Book. When we first put this book together we wanted to give you the opportunity to collect some of your favorite items from Club Penguin that aren’t always available.

Because Christmas is coming soon, we thought it would be fun to update the book with a few seasonal items. Starting on Friday, Dec. 5 you will be able to use the codes you have from toys to unlock different items in the Treasure Book! The items that are currently there will still be available, plus a few different items.
As always, let us know what you think and even what items you’d like to see in the Treasure Book in the future!
Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on November 29 2008 08:25

Mission Sneak Peak

Hello Penguins!

We’ve heard from a lot of you that you can hardly wait for another new mission! It’s a bit early to give you a lot of details, but I wanted to get you a sneak peek so I got this image from Screenhog and the art team:

What do you think? I’ll have more details soon, so stay tuned!  It might be fun to get prepared for the new mission by playing the previous ones. If your penguin is 30 days old, you can take a quiz and apply to be a Secret Agent. Just click the M on the top right of your play screen, and then click the button that says “Become a Secret Agent”.

In Other News: I just heard that Rockhopper will be coming back before too long. His ship isn’t visible on the horizon yet, but keep your eyes open for it.

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 02 2008 01:25

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Coins for Change Update

Posted by birdboy101 on November 28, 2008

(Copy of a Club Penguin post)

Hello Penguins!

So many of you are so excited about Coins For Change coming back December 12 – 22, and the team is really thrilled about all of your feedback. We’ve heard from a lot of you about how important it is that we all work together to bring change in the world. I wanted to tell you about the causes that we’re going to be donating to this year:

*Kids who are sick
*Kids who are poor and cannot go to school
*Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war

Remember, a total of one million dollars will be donated to those causes, and with your coin donations, you’ll help to decide how to split the money. Every coin matters so even if you can only donate a little, you’re helping to bring big changes in the world.

Let us know what you think.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Here’s a little funny story to cheer you up a bit;

The Coin Giver

I couldn’t wait to donate my coins! I really wanted to help the poor, and so I went over and got out the coins out of my wallet. As I was about to put 750 coins into the basket until I heard a lonely penguin crying in a corner. I slowly walked to the weeping penguin. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He heard my voice and looked up with his soaking eyes. “Well, *Sniff* I was really getting ready to give my coins to the poor, but then I spent them on the new items in the catalog and I feel really bad now!” He cried. What a baby, I thought. But then I gave him an idea. “Hey, no worries! Just use Penguin Storm and hack the coins!” He gave me a big question mark, but he tried it anyways. The next day I saw him jumping up with joy. “Wahoo! I gave away 45000 coins!” All the penguins in the Plaza heard him, and they became curious. “How did you donate so much already?” They asked, and he yelled out as loud as could; “I HACKED THEM!” The crowd went silent and reported him. He got banned and I never saw him again.

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New Sports Catalog!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 27, 2008

There are some exciting new clothing and furniture items in the new November 2008 Sports Catalog, plus a hidden item!

Click the “N” in “FURNITURE” to get the Pommel Horse for 220 coins.

pommelAlso check out the new clothing items! It includes Figure Skates, a Purple Figure Skating Dress, Snowshoes, Hockey Skates (No, not the rare ones! They’re in black and white!)But they also have the rare hockey items, such as the Hockey Jerseys, the Hockey Stick, and the Hockey Helmets! Go see for yourself!

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Snow & Sports Catalog Update

Posted by birdboy101 on November 26, 2008

(Copy of a Club Penguin post)

Hello Penguins!

There’s a new Snow and Sports catalog coming on Friday and I wanted to give you a hint about what you’ll find in it. It’s been a while since you had to guess about items, so try your best to figure out what these are:

In Other News: The response to the Elite Penguin Force DS game has been awesome. If you’ve already had a chance to play it, we’d really love to hear what you think of the game!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By BillyBob on November 26 2008 08:40

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Weird Glitch and Cabinet in HQ

Posted by birdboy101 on November 25, 2008

There’s a cabinet in the HQ which you can enter if you have the Elite Penguin Force game for the DS. Inside the closet is actually a headquarters for the higher ranked agents (EPF);


Also there was this weird glitch;

glitch(Not an edit) Before this happened, right when I logged in I had the ninja belt and mask, even though I wasn’t a ninja. But then I got angry when I found out it was only a glitch. Then I kept opening and closing the player card and it kept happening over and over again. Weird, huh? Has this happened to you?

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New Play and Furniture Catalog!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 22, 2008

(Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post, I couldn’t play for two days!)

I met the beta Man101 today!



Anyways, there’s a new furniture catalog and a new play!

Heres the new November-December Furniture Catalog;

nov-dec-furn-08Now for the secrets! Click the Christmas Ribbon for the Leaning Tree for 250 coins.

leaning-tree1Click the Control Terminal to get the Welcome Mat for 75 coins.


welcome-mat-2Click the Guitar Stand to get the Music Stand for 250 coins.

music-standAlso in the new play, if you click the boom box, you can get the Silver Wand for 150 coins.

silver-wandAlso just in case your wondering, new play is called Fairy Fables;


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Ninja Update

Posted by birdboy101 on November 19, 2008

Once you become a ninja, you can unlock a secret room an a ninja catalog!


Click this link to view the secret room:

(The gongs can be interacted with.)

Here is the catalog:

ninja-catalogClick this link to view the catalog:

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Ninja Card Jitsu!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 17, 2008

I know some of you are frustrated because Club Penguin is so slow and the Dojo is almost always full. But here are some pictures for you to take a peek!

ninja-dojoYou will go up ranks through the belts like normal. After you get the black belt, you can fight Sensei in a battle of Card Jitsu!

Here is a picture of me talking to him!

ninja-senseiHope you guys can get in the game!

If your still curious, here are some in game pictures:


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New Glitch Found

Posted by birdboy101 on November 16, 2008

Join a game and move around!(New technique)- Join a game then open your mail. Simply close it and click anywhere you want!

Credit to Tyra Banks3 for telling me how!


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900 Days Old!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 14, 2008

WAHOO! Today on Friday, November 14, 2008, Birdboy101 has turned 900 days old on Club Penguin! WAHOO!



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Dojo Celebration

Posted by birdboy101 on November 14, 2008

Yay Dojo! Now it also shows up as the Dojo Courtyard on your map:

dojo-crtyrdYou can also get a free item on the Dojo Courtyard called Geta Sandals:

ninja-sandalsPlus if you go inside the Dojo there will be a gong show. Not much of a show, it only lasts a few seconds. After a 5 minute wait, the wall will open up and you can throw your snowball at the gong! It blends in with the music too. 😉


There has a been an update to the Edit Account button / ? button. This is now what it looks like:
settingsNow you can see what server you’re on, and you can mute music, so you can listen to your own tunes while playing!

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Issue #161; Ninjas Revealed!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 13, 2008

Remember this guy?

senseiWell, found in the newspaper, his name is Sensei!

Also ninjas will start training November 17, 2008. But whats weird is that you will train through “Card Jitsu”. Read this, straight from the paper;


Also the Dojo will have a reopening on November 14-16;

ninja-dojo-openI wonder what the Dojo would look like…Anyways, a new play inspired by penguins like you will be open on November 21.

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Ninjas Spotted!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 12, 2008

Ninjas have been sneaky shown as only black shadows. Here are a few, not all:

ninja-mirror-1Wait until every 10 minutes (Ex 4:10, 8:20 etc.) and the shadow will turn into a penguin!

ninja-mirror-2Click the “N” in Nightclub and a ninja will jump. If you want to see it again leave the room and come back:

ninja-nightclubGo to the Ski Mountain and wait every 5 minutes (Yes, the waiting time varies)

ninja-mountainOh yeah, thats my buddy!

Note: Waiting time varies. Go to Andreasmich website for all the ninja sightings.

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Posted by birdboy101 on November 11, 2008

Hey peeps! Big news,The ninjas come November 17 (Which is 10 days before my birthday!), as you can tell by checking out this sign!


Also the Dojo has been recently dug up way more, revealing some exterior of the Dojo:

dojo-digAlso there is a ninja poster! In the Dojo, click each of the light bulbs and then click the sign that says “WEAR A HARD HAT”.

ninja-clickThen a poster of a ninja will show up!


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Secret Ninja Message!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 8, 2008

(Sorry for the delay of the post)

There is a secret hidden message in the newspaper:

ninja-message-1Click each letter of the spelled out word “Ninja”.

ninja-message-2There will be a secret ninja message that comes up! Could this be about the Cove?

triangle-coveThe “Triangle of power” seems to appear here, the Cove!

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New Shovel!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 7, 2008


( got it wrong at first!)

Check the new shovel in the Clothing Catalog! Here’s a picture of it:

shovel-08You can buy it for 300 coins! Now here is a funny picture just to cheer you up a bit:


Yep yep, I totally beat that guy. (Will also be in the Funny Stuff page)

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Thanks for the Feedback!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 6, 2008

The recent comments I got really made me happy! I hope I can boost my website into more popularity. I’m at a low amount of hits right now but the average I get a day is probably about 30-60 views a day. So I just hit a new high at 77 views, and the day hasn’t even finished! Thanks to whoever helped me get some views!

smilePs: That’s my new look. 😉

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Ninja Error?

Posted by birdboy101 on November 4, 2008

If you go to there will be an error page, but in black!ninja-error

This is another mystery…

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My CP Drawing!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 4, 2008

Hello peeps! I’m entering’s drawing contest! Wish me luck, and heres a picture of my drawing! This was finished within only 20 minutes!

penguin-agent1(Click to enlarge)

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