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Dance Contest Cheat

Posted by birdboy101 on January 19, 2009

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I actually found this a while ago but I never had time to post. Well, follow these steps and you’ll be rich in no time!

Go to the Nightclub and click on the Dance Contest table. When your very close to getting there, click the house button on the chat bar. You will immediately go to your igloo. The window will pop up, asking you if you want to dance, so choose yes. Dance to whatever song you’d like to, and you can choose any level you’d like. Once your done with the dance, keep clicking X button in the right corner. Every time you do that, it will add the number of coins you got on the dance. For example, I got 76 coins on the dance. I click the X, it will add another 76. I click the X again, another 76 and on and on and on. Some people have gotten over 1 million coins using this cheat! MAKE SURE YOU LOG OFF TO INSURE YOUR COINS WILL NOT VANISH THE NEXT TIME YOU LOG ON!!


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Weird Glitch and Cabinet in HQ

Posted by birdboy101 on November 25, 2008

There’s a cabinet in the HQ which you can enter if you have the Elite Penguin Force game for the DS. Inside the closet is actually a headquarters for the higher ranked agents (EPF);


Also there was this weird glitch;

glitch(Not an edit) Before this happened, right when I logged in I had the ninja belt and mask, even though I wasn’t a ninja. But then I got angry when I found out it was only a glitch. Then I kept opening and closing the player card and it kept happening over and over again. Weird, huh? Has this happened to you?

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New Glitch Found

Posted by birdboy101 on November 16, 2008

Join a game and move around!(New technique)- Join a game then open your mail. Simply close it and click anywhere you want!

Credit to Tyra Banks3 for telling me how!


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