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Dance Contest Cheat

Posted by birdboy101 on January 19, 2009

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I actually found this a while ago but I never had time to post. Well, follow these steps and you’ll be rich in no time!

Go to the Nightclub and click on the Dance Contest table. When your very close to getting there, click the house button on the chat bar. You will immediately go to your igloo. The window will pop up, asking you if you want to dance, so choose yes. Dance to whatever song you’d like to, and you can choose any level you’d like. Once your done with the dance, keep clicking X button in the right corner. Every time you do that, it will add the number of coins you got on the dance. For example, I got 76 coins on the dance. I click the X, it will add another 76. I click the X again, another 76 and on and on and on. Some people have gotten over 1 million coins using this cheat! MAKE SURE YOU LOG OFF TO INSURE YOUR COINS WILL NOT VANISH THE NEXT TIME YOU LOG ON!!


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Coins for Change Update

Posted by birdboy101 on November 28, 2008

(Copy of a Club Penguin post)

Hello Penguins!

So many of you are so excited about Coins For Change coming back December 12 – 22, and the team is really thrilled about all of your feedback. We’ve heard from a lot of you about how important it is that we all work together to bring change in the world. I wanted to tell you about the causes that we’re going to be donating to this year:

*Kids who are sick
*Kids who are poor and cannot go to school
*Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war

Remember, a total of one million dollars will be donated to those causes, and with your coin donations, you’ll help to decide how to split the money. Every coin matters so even if you can only donate a little, you’re helping to bring big changes in the world.

Let us know what you think.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Here’s a little funny story to cheer you up a bit;

The Coin Giver

I couldn’t wait to donate my coins! I really wanted to help the poor, and so I went over and got out the coins out of my wallet. As I was about to put 750 coins into the basket until I heard a lonely penguin crying in a corner. I slowly walked to the weeping penguin. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He heard my voice and looked up with his soaking eyes. “Well, *Sniff* I was really getting ready to give my coins to the poor, but then I spent them on the new items in the catalog and I feel really bad now!” He cried. What a baby, I thought. But then I gave him an idea. “Hey, no worries! Just use Penguin Storm and hack the coins!” He gave me a big question mark, but he tried it anyways. The next day I saw him jumping up with joy. “Wahoo! I gave away 45000 coins!” All the penguins in the Plaza heard him, and they became curious. “How did you donate so much already?” They asked, and he yelled out as loud as could; “I HACKED THEM!” The crowd went silent and reported him. He got banned and I never saw him again.

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