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Rocketsnail Games

What is Rocketsnail Games? Rockesnail Games was originally where Club Penguin made their start. First known as Penguin Chat, Rocketsnail games began to upgrade their game to a much bigger and better version- Club Penguin. Test penguins called betas tested their new and improving game to make it as it is today. Rsnail the moderator has a name shortened for Rocketsnail. Here are the link to the games. Sorry, but Crosswird Crazy and Penguin Chat 3 doesn’t work.

Crossword Crazy:

Mancala Snails:

Ballistic Biscuit:

Word Crunch:

Christmas Word Crunch:

Mancala Classic:

Penguin Chat 3:


3 Responses to “Rocketsnail Games”

  1. Crunch 177 said

    ?? oK cOoLz

  2. Crunch 177 said

    Christmas word CRUNCH coolz

    ~CRUNCH 177

  3. Crunch 177 said

    The Biscuit game is Hydro Hopper. Oh and did they have to change Hydro Hopper just bcuz of that?

    ~Crunch 177

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