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Glitches and secrets

Go into anyone’s igloo- First, open up your buddy list. A buddy must be on for this to work! Then say that you can go into anyone’s igloo. When someone comes and they want you to go to their’s,  wait for them to leave the room. Pull down the chat history (the blue arrow at the top of the CP screen that is pointing up) to the chat bar and click on the words of that person. It will bring up someone’s playercard but not load it. Click on the igloo icon and you will be in the person’s igloo!


Silver Surf Board-Go to the Sport Shop and open the Sport Shop catalog. Turn to the page thats titled Surfboards. Then click the green penguin. His surfboard should turn into the Daisy Surfboard. After that, click the and the star on the sand.  They should increase in size and should light up. Then automatially, the green penguin will hold the secret Silver Surf Board. You can buy it for 800 coins!

Does the Silver Surf Board really do anything?

Yes, the Silver Surf Board has a huge amount of speed, which also means you can get a lot of air during your tricks. It has more than any other surf board. My records using the Silver Surf Board was over 17,000 points in a whole game and 14 flips in a single trick!


Paint by Letter Burned Out Bulbs Bonus Coins-

Page 1– Once you finish typing the page, roll your mouse over the puck. “Hit” it with your mouse to the left and a coin should appear. Click the coin.

Page 2– Pick any of the choices. Once you finish typing the page, scroll your mouse to the top left hand of the picture. A coin should appear.

Page 3– Pick any of the choices. Once you finished typing the page, scroll your mouse to the top of the piano. Click and drag your mouse up so the piano will open up, and a coin should appear.

Page 4-There are two ways to do this, but for now you can choose DJ (Yes, it still works…) After you finished typing it, click the cuckoo clock strings. Quickly click the coin or the bird will go away. If you miss, you can always click the strings again.

Page 5- Choose anything, but this one is very tricky. After you finish typing the page, don’t be frustrated if you don’t get this on your first try. Click and drag the floor Upper Right,  then Upper Left, then Up, and then Down. A black area will show. Very quickly click the coin in the Bottom Right Corner or the floor will reset.

Page 6- Choose anything. Click the dance floor sqaures to match its color pattern with the colors on the painting. The painting should open up and a coin will appear. (Ps: you only need to match the colors with the first two rows of the painting, since there are only two rows on the dance floor.)

Page 7- Choose anything. Click and drag up the little target design in front of the penguin. Click the coin before it drops back down.

Page 8- Nothing.

Total coins- 800 coins

Paint by Letters My Puffle Bonus Coins-

Page 1- Once you finished typing the page, click and drag the door handle to the left. A coin will appear.

Page 2- There are a few ways to do this, but choose Cove fo this tutorial. Click and drag the blonde wig up, and quickly click the coin under her wig.

Page 3- Choose anything for the first one, but don’t choose “flippers” for the second one. Click and drag the stairs up and a coin will bounce up from behind the bushes.

Page 4– Choose anything and drag the sky down. Quickly click the coin before the sky pops back up.

Page 5– Once you finish typing the page, again drag the sky down, only this is trickier because the coin moves.

Page 6- Nothing.

Total coins- 250 coins


Nubbing- The new and only way to nub is by click the very bottom corners of the game. Alternate corners, which means to click the left corner, then the right corner, then the left, etc. Nubbing now only works at The Cove, Town, Beacon, Mine Shack, Mine, Cave, and split level igloos.


Jet Pack Cheat- Instead of collecting as many coins as you can in the Jet Pack Adventure game, skip all the coins, and in the end of the game you will receive 1000 coins automatically.


Old Club Penguin Website Link-


Book codes for the Ultimate Official Guide To Club Penguin:

  • Page 9- Sometimes
  • Page 35 Misses
  • Page 38- Scavenger
  • Page 40- Examples
  • Page 62- Picture
  • Page 63- How
  • Page 64- Fishing
  • Page 65- Storage
  • Page 71- Seats
  • Page 71- Musical
  • Page 73 Search
  • Page 75 Tossing
  • Page 77- Buying
  • Page 101- Donated
  • Page 117- Jerseys
  • Page 118 Squads
  • Page 140 Breeze
  • Page 141 Combined
  • Page 143 Secret
  • Page 155- Queen
  • Page 156- Small
  • Page 169- Start
  • Page 171- Annual
  • Page 175 Crown
  • Page 176- Item
  • Page 179 Penguins
  • Page 182- Actions

Book codes for Club Penguin Stowaway:

  • Page 6- Mysterious
  • Page 40- Waterfall
  • Page 52- Deck
  • Page 80- Penguin

Some of these might not be correct, so please forgive me!


Stand in alleys- Click on a doorway or a path to a new room and then open up your mail. Keep it open until you think you reached the doorway/path. Close the mail and you should be standing in front of it!



Join a game and move around!(New technique)- Join a game then open your mail. Simply close it and click anywhere you want!

Credit to Tyra Banks3

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    the new paint by letters is out i got all of the bonus coins the second pg. lift up the lift up the broom like toss it up then it will go outside the drag it on the mountain. 3pg. is choose tree lift up the bucket and thats all i know cya laterz

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