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    penguins on. (This might not be working sometimes.)
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12 Responses to “Help”

  1. greenguy2001 said

    bird do u no how to get old items when they r not there? or how to be a boy

    Editor’s Comment: No, the only way to get old items is either by hacking (Which right now doesn’t work), and just finding the secret items in the catalog. I almost know how to have a bot, only that I just can’t figure out this certain problem. If you want to know how to though, search on Youtube, “Club Penguin Bots Real”. It should be the first one, and it is by NinjaEcho.

  2. greenguy2001 said

    i mean how to be a bot

  3. soccerpro485 said

    srry i only copyed like 5? well srry that was before i knew how to take my own pix. One question, how do you make thoes red squares? i dont have paint i have an apple.

  4. mandybob31 said

    hey blue! how did you get thoughs Rocketsnail games and the old cp website????

    Editor’s Comment: I believe I found these on Wikipedia!

  5. soccerpro485 said

    it was on google but now its only yours? like i looked up soccerpro4585 but it went to yours mabye it was because i am on your blogroll? hw do i add you to mine?

    Editor’s Comment: When your logged on, go to my website. Then on the top left hand corner in the gray header, scroll over Blog Info and click Add to Blogroll.

  6. soccerpro485 said

    hw do i change my icon thing on the top right hand corner of this comment? i want to change it to my penguins pix

    Editor’s Comment: I posted how to on your website.

  7. soccerpro485 said


  8. aquajina said

    how do u make a clubpenguin tv work? im a new member and i got a tv but i dont know how to work it

    Editor’s Comment; Click the up and down arrows on your key board. If you keep clicking there will be different things on your TV!

  9. aquajina said

    thank you soooo much 😀

  10. aquajina said


  11. Crunch 177 said

    How do you comment like the TM or C or something like that?

  12. Crunch 177 said

    Please resond to some of my comments 😕 😆

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