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Waddle Squad Mission 10 Walkthrough

Posted by birdboy101 on December 30, 2008

Here is a tutorial/walk through to mission 10, Waddle Squad.

1. The conversation will be long, just make sure you click G first and you can answer anything you’d like.

2. Once the other agents leave, click the box next to G. Something should come out, so put it in your inventory.

3. Go to the Beach and turn to your left until you see Jet Pack Guy. Answer anything.

4. Listen to him and answer anything.

5. Go to the Lighthouse. Turn to your right and click one of the cream soda barrels. Put it in your inventory.

6. Go back to the Beach and talk to Jet Pack Guy.

7. Give him the cream soda.

8. Click the bottle that says help. The numbers on the beaker show how much is in it. On the paper that comes out, you must even out the liquid until the numbers on the beaker match the numbers on the paper. By doing so, click a beaker and put it in front of  another beaker and then click again so the liquid is poured. Here is a walkthrough to pass this part. Here’s a review of the numbers:









Here’s what you do:

Pour biggest beaker into the middle beaker. Then take the middle beaker and pour it into the left beaker. Pour the smallest beaker into the big beaker. Pour middle beaker into the smallest beaker. Pour the biggest beaker into the middle beaker. Pour the middle beaker into the smallest beaker. Pour the smallest beaker into the biggest beaker.

9. Go to the Dock and talk to the penguin by the boat. Ask for his rope and put it in your inventory.

10. Go to the Nightclub and turn to your right until you see a cage and a box with a lever. Put the rope on the brown pulley. Click the lever (It should be broken).

11. Get your spy phone and get out the wrench. Click the screws and they should come off automatically.

12. Click on the opening.

13. Click the gears and place them onto the hooks. They must be in the right spot or they won’t spin.

14. Go to the Gift Shop.


*. Talk to the guy at the desk and answer anything.

*. Click the items scattered on the floor and put them in your inventory.

*. Go outside to the the town.

*. Put the box of balls on the ground.

*. Set up the table.

*. Put the clothes on top of the table.

*. Go back into the Gift Shop and talk to the manager.

15. Talk to Rookie and ask if he plugged it in. Don’t go to the HQ, I already got the item you need in your inventory from the beginning. Click the gray box that has a blue screen on it. (That’s the solar power unit.) Put it over the broken wire and click.

16. The goal is to make a path from one colored circle to the other one, and they can’t cross. Here is what mine had to look like:


In case you don’t understand, you can pull out the paper that’s next to the grid. Also make sure you start from the bottom circles, which are fully colored. Then work your way up to the other colored circles.

17. Go to a different place and answer your Spy Phone.

18. Go to the Dock and turn to your right until you see ‘Herbert’.

19. Answer your Spy Phone again and go to the Nightclub.

20. Turn to your right until you see Herbert next to the golden puffle. Click on him and wait until he’s done talking and he’s taken the golden puffle.

21. Pull the red lever.

22. Answer your Spy Phone.

23. Once the golden puffle is stuck on the wall and Herbert is trying to grab it off, click on the spotlights and turn them until they are facing the solar panel unit.

24. Answer anything and watch the conversation.




2 Responses to “Waddle Squad Mission 10 Walkthrough”

  1. Crunch 177 said

    I will be gone for a week to HW. So I pretended I quit! 😀 but i didnt really.

  2. Thanks this was very helpful.

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