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Ninja History

Please note: Some pictures are copied from searches on Google. I will give credit to person on the bottom of the post.

Don’t believe in the ninjas of Club Penguin? Read this and you’ll think again.

Early Club Penguin- Back then in the early stages of Club Penguin/Penguin Chat, it was possible to become ninjas by clicking  “N” in penguin:

ninja-3Then in game your penguin would look like this:


But then, the shape of penguins are different, and so are the ninjas, so then these newer suits were found. They are in the shape of the current penguins now:

ninja-4Before, hackers could wear this actual suit, but others couldn’t see it. But how come you could wear it in the first place? The only reasonable guess that is was possible to hack them was because Club Penguin made them, maybe prepared the ninja suits for later use. They couldn’t be possibly hacked without it being made by Club Penguin. But then what are these?

ninja-movementI believe the ninja in the full suit was the first made version, then changed to the one without a suit. I believe the ninja with only the belt and mask is real because the ninja in the full suit doesn’t had any special movements.

On the old Club Penguin website, (Which you can still view, just click Old Cp Website on the front page) you can click the “N” in Nightclub on the top header and the big penguin will turn into a ninja:


Even Club Penguin completely gave it away by putting on a ninja egg in an Easter Egg Hunt:


Shadows of ninjas have been found too (Sorry I couldn’t provide pictures) but then Club Penguin once again gave it away in this picture here, the November 2008 Clothing Catalog:

2-shovel-08Now I bet you heard of the ninja shadows such as in the Ski Lodge on the mirror, or even the one in the Lighthouse above the net. But, now moving and flashing shadows? Flashes of ninjas appeared during the 2008 Halloween Party at the Dojo and jumping ninjas at the broken dojo:


Also if you be patient and wait in the Gift Shop, the black area in the picture is actually a ninja, and which later moves down, then jumps back up to the same spot:


Also if you see the new November 2008 Clothing Catalog Secrets, which is

Most hidden items are on the letter “N”. “N” stands for ninjas of course. And why is a mysterious man in the Dojo Roof put there? Since when was there an arch there? Maybe after all the snow is dug out, it will reveal a secret place. Possibly a place where ninjas are made.


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