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Funny Stuff

If your trying to scroll down, make sure your mouse is off to the side or else it might open up a new tab.

Please note that all of these pictures are all made by me. I normally do not copy off of any other websites. I believe putting other’s work onto my website isn’t a good thing. If I use your work, I will surely put the link from where I got it from.

Yeah, your really for your home team…You heard me. GET SOME.

Hmm…Save the Migrator Project. Oh, you did somethin’.

That’s what Yarr will be like tomorrow…Shh…

Secret agents…Under cover!…=O

Yep, what your wearing REALLY shows that…

I bet you like this website better, huh?

dig-goldI though that guy was digging out the snow!

funny-shovel-081Ha ha! I still beat him! Hope he doesn’t use his kung fu skills on me..Ahh, and he has a shovel! But so do I! =O

man101-3Me and Man101 had too much pie…

man101-4Then it didn’t turn out so good.

fishPiece of crap I found out those were goldfish.

small-iglooThey said it had 3 bedrooms…

burningOne day I cuddled with my bear. Then…*Cries*

strong-penguinI WILL SMASH YOU!

killing-sqaudI’m never going to the hospital again…

fallingThe Killing Squad pushed me off. (Bi***!)

9 Responses to “Funny Stuff”

  1. jj kanes said

    yep i do!lol!

  2. jj kanes said

    im just kidding!

  3. Fred360 ☺ said

    nice one! lol

    fred360 home g

  4. soccerpro485 said


  5. heyyywhos man101?

    Editor’s Comment; Man101 is a beta!

  6. soccerpro485 said


    Editor’s Comment; Betas were the very first players of Club Penguin. They should be over 1000 days old, have the first item which was the purple and yellow party hat for the finishing of the testing phases of Club Penguin, and they’re also famous for being so rare.

  7. aaron said


  8. slimjim 911 said


  9. Crunch 177 said

    😀 😀 😀 😀 FUNNY BIRDY!!!!!!!!!!! coolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny!

    ~Crunch 177

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