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Secret Ninja Message!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 8, 2008

(Sorry for the delay of the post)

There is a secret hidden message in the newspaper:

ninja-message-1Click each letter of the spelled out word “Ninja”.

ninja-message-2There will be a secret ninja message that comes up! Could this be about the Cove?

triangle-coveThe “Triangle of power” seems to appear here, the Cove!


13 Responses to “Secret Ninja Message!”

  1. mandybob31 said

    lol i found ur site!!!!

  2. Icecube 1370 said


  3. greenguy2001 said

    HEY BIRD its green dude? have u seen tghe dojo its awesome do u really think there will be a ninja oh yah HEY ICE
    Editor’s Comment: Yep, I’m pretty sure!

  4. greenguy2001 said

    r u a ninja?

  5. Icecube 1370 said

    his youtube is and mine is

  6. Icecube 1370 said


  7. Crunch 177 said

    Hey its crunch i wanted to let you know… NICE SITE!!! But yeah whats the “triangle of power” do?

  8. Icecube 1370 said

    I found some cheats bird dum dum. It’s if you go to the dojo and click on all of the lightbulbs and then click on the “Wear A Hard Hat” sign it becomes a ninja poster. And if you go to town and click on the “N” in nightclub on the sign a ninja blob jumps around like a retard lol. If you go to HQ and wait til’ its a 5 time like 10:05 or 8:00 and ect. Well that’ about it BYE BIRD DUM DUM!

  9. Icecube 1370 said

    Oh in my last post if you wait at those times in HQ it’s PRETTY AWESOME. *COUGH* AND I WAS WRONG THEY ARE REAL NINJAS THAT IS. *-_-* *Icecube 1370 IS PRETTY FREAKIN’ AWESOME*

  10. Icecube 1370 said

    I’m tired. I need a hug and some milk. OK SOMEBODY HUG ME AND I’LL GET MY OWN MILK. *-_-* *Icecube 1370 IS PRETTY FREAKIN’ AWESOME*

  11. Crunch 177 said


  12. Crunch 177 said

    i just woke up 10 minutes ago! *yawn*

  13. Crunch 177 said

    Ice that cheat is cool but why are ninjas comeing? and if u go to HQ wait a little while it says on the top few 2 T.V screens,”WE DON’T EVEN EXSIST!” weird huh?

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