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Darn Widget…

Posted by birdboy101 on December 3, 2008

Sorry about the Whos.Among.Us widget ( The one that shows how many are on). There has been a problem and it reset! If you click the widget, it will show the map, but all the the locations of the past viewers are gone!

8 Responses to “Darn Widget…”

  1. xedres said

    hi I was just wondering I have 1000 credits and I want to give some to you so if you want so so u can get a css and domain for fre just email me at and add me to work here so I can give u ho but wait u have to make me an administrador to get you my credits to your site so think about it remenber email me @

  2. xedres said

    ho and you get about 300 hits in just an hour

  3. xedres said

    ho and just so u know u should make me an admin U donot even know what the fame I will get u I can get u more then watex and paintboy and mimo777 so just in mind just think about it c ya

  4. Crunch 177 said

    No updates??? I have all the cheats i found by myself. Here first one click the bottom row of lights on the X mas tree by the gingerbread man and elf and you get yellow scraf. Next click the lighthouse for the Red Hoodie, Click the pink flipper and theres the black mask… thats all i found ill try to find more. Waddle on!

  5. Crunch 177 said

    That was hard… I found the Scuba Mask click the coin by the player card backgrounds on the FIRST page.

  6. Crunch 177 said

    AHA i found the viking helmets, click the penguins mouth by the Parka click it 4 times for the blue helmet.

  7. Crunch 177 said

    OMG another cheat the russian hat is on the tree by the blue scarf. 😀

  8. Crunch 177 said

    Another cheat click the girls ribbo in the hair 😉

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