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24 Responses to “CP-Related Comments”

  1. woah9 said

    birdboy you should realy have a big party with alot of peeps and ill help with ya. like you can make it a new year party.

  2. soccerpro485 said


  3. birdboy101 said

    I won’t have a party yet because it’s not popular enough, and barely anyone will come. Fred360 has about the same number of views I had but barely anyone came. =(

  4. slimjim 911 said

    i will come, dude ur famous and plz add me if u see me plz. can u meet on december 12 at 8:00 server: snow shoe
    place:cove, my name is slimjim 911 if u can come plz reply and if u cant plz reply. byyyyyyy

  5. slimjim 911 said

    8:00 pm

  6. heyy im famus too i got a website too. :(… JK ROFL jkjk i jst wanted 2 ask how you made it snow? and the party would be cool!

  7. how do i get more views?

  8. Crunch 177 said

    I would try to come depends on what day. 😉 Oh an idea you need to put how many hits you have at the top by blogroll or something! (i got this from Bodge101 so I think you might need to mention him 😉 )

  9. soccerpro485 said

    Thanks soo much birdboy and one mre quick question about my site. I already made myself a banner a longtime ago but i dont know how to put it on.
    Do you?

  10. soccerpro485 said

    there was no copy thing @ the bottem of the comment with the IMG SRC thingy.

  11. soccerpro485 said

    umm srry. i had made a picture for the contest too but my picture came out backwards when i tryed to photh booth it. (i have a macbook) so i coundent enter it in the contest. srry 😦

  12. woah9 said

    i kno people birdboy (=^.^=) bunny bye

  13. greenguy2001 said

    Why aren’t you on my list anyomore Bird?

    Editor’s Comment; I never took you off of mine, your still there. Maybe you took me off my accident…

  14. woah9 said

    Birdboy i just found out if you had ur red puffle and u go surfing with him under competition mode and you make it far enough your puffle gets first place.

  15. when does the new treasure book stuff come out????

    i dont want to waste another coin coad

  16. woah9 said

    im gonna be 2 years old in 37 days in cp

  17. woah9 said

    birdboy u got an icon

  18. Hi club penguin rox.

  19. said said said said said said said said said

    Club penguin will be the best game ever!

  20. Crunch 177 said

    I’m gonna be 2 yrs in club penguin in like 278 days (random number but correct 2)

    8) Crunch 177 8)

  21. woah9 said

    Im gonna be two years old in 11 days OMG LOLOLOLOLOL in cp

  22. woah9 said


  23. woah9 said

    I just remember the old time when i logged in everyone was just everyone, no one stood out, but now its like disney just took away the thing what cp used to be. i miss the homepage. its like disney just had a beta and lost cp. I JUST DONT GET IT

  24. soccerpro485 said

    whens the party? you have 5,271 veiws!

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