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The Dojo is Broken!

Posted by birdboy101 on November 3, 2008

broken-dojoHere is the picture of the broken dojo! Grab the free Hard Helmet and go up stairs to start drilling!

dojo-personOnce you go up the stairs to the Dojo Roof, there is a mysterious man digging. Here is what is looks like if you click him. Is Club Penguin giving us a sign of something? What is the arch for? Maybe when we finish digging we can use it for something…Ninjas? Keep checking for updates!

5 Responses to “The Dojo is Broken!”

  1. Fairy Bop said

    Awesome Site lol

  2. Soccerpro485 said

    HEY ITS SOCCERPRO485 OMG HEYY BIRDBOY101 YOUR SOOOO COOL I WANNA MAKE A WEBSITE NOW. you have”sniff sniff” INSPIRED me “sniff sniff” jkjk lol. really. i wanna make one. well ttyl an CO


  3. Soccerpro485 said

    well the website thing diddent work out as planned so umm i was just wonderinggggg…
    CAN I BE IN ONE OF THE PIX ON YOUR WEBSITE. PLEASE!!!!!! jklol. really. XP well c u l8ter!! i need a lot of help with the website!

  4. jadegreen said

    so yea the pix are cool

  5. Crunch 177 said

    I wish i could be in a “video” cough birdboy cough. I wanna be in one of those pix too.
    (tell me when you on!)

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